3 Features that you’ll again appreciate in rome in 2017


More than 120 posters were  displayed in Berlin, we expect over 180 in Rome

Statistical Seminar

In Berlin and again in Rome in 2017

A workshop on statistics in clinical trials took place every morning at 7:15am.

It consisted of a presentation followed by a Q&A session. The presentation addressed issues affecting the statistical design of clinical trials in general and then focus on specific considerations associated with trials in Cachexia. The seminar was chaired by J. Le Rademacher of the Mayo clinic and afterwards a panel of expert trialists was available to answer questions from the audience. Attendance was free but pre-registration was required due to limited seating.
To register: conference2016@cachexia.info

Ken Fearon Career Cafe – Meet the Mentors

A special session for younger scientists and an opportunity to spend time with SCWD mentors for career advice was organised in Berlin and will be organised in Rome. The meetings were planned in two separate morning sessions:
Saturday: 10 December, 7:15- 8:15 am
Sunday: 11 December 7:15 – 8:15am.

Each face-to-face meeting took max. 10 minutes.

Who was able to apply
Registered delegates who are preferably also members of the SCWD Society, 35 years of age and below. (Membership can be arranged at the conference.)

How to apply
Applicants need to include a short CV (2 pages max.) and a short letter of motivation (1 page) to us beforehand at the following email address: conference2016@cachexia.info .

Interviews were assigned beforehand on a first come, first serve basis. Applicants had the opportunity to have separate discussions with at least 2 of the experts listed below.

Apply now for this exciting initiative, the “Ken Fearon Career Cafe – Meet the Mentors” session in Rome in December 2017

Stefan Anker Germany
Andrew Coats UK
Denis Guttridge USA
Robert Mak USA
Ronenn Roubenoff USA

Josep Argiles Spain
William Evans USA
Aminah Jatoi USA
John Morley USA
Michael Toth USA

Didier Attaix France
Serguei Fetissov France
Alessandro Laviano Italy
Filippo Rossi-Fanelli Italy
Stephan von Haehling Germany