10th International Conference on Cachexia, Sarcopenia & Muscle Wasting

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Friday, 8 December 2017

8:00-8:45 Special sessions: pre-registration only

Statistical seminar  
Jennifer Le-Rademacher, USA and Jeffrey Crawford, USA

Ken Fearon Career Café – Meet the mentor
coordinated by Mitja Lainscak, Slovenia

Session A
9:00-10:50 OPENING SESSION 1

Chairs:  Stefan Anker, Germany, Maurizio Muscaritoli, Italy and Filippo Rossi-Fanelli, Italy

Welcome by the chairs

“Hippocrates” clinical science key note lecture. Role of mitochondria in age-related muscle impairment
Luigi Ferrucci, USA

Frailty in 2017
Bruno Vellas, France

Sex differences in cachexia, sarcopenia and wasting disorders
James Carson, USA

Research gaps from the NCI consensus
Joanne Elena, USA

Sarcopenia and cachexia: managing patients in an integrated health care system care: a payer perspective
Bette Caan, USA

10:50-11:20 Coffee Break

Session B
11:20-13:00 OPENING SESSION 2

Chairs: Josep Argiles, Spain and Andrea Bonetto, USA

“Prometheus” basic science key note lecture – Sarcopenia revisted: etiology and consequences
William Evans, USA

News from proteomic and gene expression data related to aging and cachexia
H. Alexander Ebhardt, Ireland

Device-based tissue regeneration by multifunctional polymers
Andreas Lendlein, Germany

Metabolic modulation by nutrients
Maurizio Muscaritoli, Italy

Precision medicine for cachexia
John Morley, USA

13:15-14:15   Navigating cancer anorexia-cachexia: the modified Glasgow Prognostic Score in the spotlight
                       Lunch symposium supported by Helsinn

Chair: Maurizio Muscaritoli, Italy

Switching on the navigation system: welcome and introduction
Maurizio Muscaritoli, Italy

Blazing the trial: cancer anorexia-cachexia identification using the modified Glasgow Prognostic Score
Donald McMillan, UK

Plotting the course: modified Glasgow Prognostic Score subgroup analysis in the ROMANA trials and beyond
Barry Laird, UK

The road ahead: summary and close of meeting
Maurizio Muscaritoli, Italy

14:30-16:00 – 2 parallel sessions

Session C
14:30-16:00 Clinical Track: Translating sarcopenia research across diseases  

Chairs: Linda Denehy, Australia, and Zudin Puthucheary, UK

Skeletal muscle ammonia metabolism in non-hepatological disease
Srinivasan Dasarathy, USA

Kidney dysfunction as a contribution to muscle wasting in chronic illness
Giacomo Garibotto, Italy

Separating inflammation and deconditioning as contributors to muscle wasting in COPD
Paul Greenhaff, UK

Molecular signaling homology across muscle wasting conditions
Dario Coletti, Italy

Sarcopenia in 2017 – what is new?
Francesco Landi, Italy

Session D
14:30-16:00 Basic track: Mechanisms of muscle wasting

Chairs: Paola Costelli, Italy, and Denis Guttridge, USA

Autophagy dysregulation in muscle stem cells during aging
Marco Sandri, Italy

Mechanisms of pathological replacement of skeletal muscle tissue with adipose tissue
Renata Dmitrieva, Russia

Alterations in beta adrenoreceptor activity and muscle vs. tissue wasting
Jochen Springer, Germany

ER stress and UPR in skeletal muscle health and disease
Ashok Kumar, USA

Role of JAK/STAT signalling in muscle wasting
Teresa Zimmers, USA 

Mitochondrial impairment in skeletal muscle wasting
Antonio Zorzano, Spain

16:00-17:00 Coffee break & science

16:05-16:55 Poster Viewing Session

Poster session 1     Diagnosis of cachexia I (posters 1-01 to 1-12)
                                 Chairs: Leocadio Rodríguez Mañas, Maurilio Sampaolesi

Poster session 2     Diagnosis of sarcopenia I (posters 2-01 to 2-15)
                                 Chairs: Volker Adams, Thiago Barbosa-Silva

Poster session 3     Diagnosis of sarcopenia II (posters 2-16 to 2-30)
                                 Chairs: Jürgen Bauer, Theodore Malmstrom

Poster session 4     Muscle wasting & sarcopenia – mechanisms I (posters 3-01 to 3-15)
                                 Chairs: Mark Griffiths, Alessio Molfino

Poster session 5     Cancer cachexia I (posters 6-01 to 6-10)
                                 Chairs: Andrew Judge, Fabio Penna

16:10-16:50 Rapid Fire Abstract Session 1
Chairs: Andrea Bonetto, USA and David Waning, USA

Muscle radiodensity is indicative of triglyceride content in skeletal muscle of cancer patients (2-35)
Amritpal Singh Bhullar, Canada

The emerging disconnect between muscle mass and function: evidence from different patient populations (2-68)
Michael Ramage, UK

Sexual dimorphism in the skeletal muscle transcriptome and urinary proteome indicate sex specific pathways involved in regulation of muscularity in cancer patients (3-40)
Cynthia Stretch, Canada

Displaced myonuclei in cancer cachexia suggest altered innervation (4-04)
Dario Coletti, Italy

Evidence-based nutritional and pharmacological interventions targeting chronic low-grade inflammation in middle-aged and older adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis (7-04)
Carlo Custodero, USA

Contribution of reduced food intake to cancer-associated weight loss: data from the International Cancer Cachexia Data Repository (7-17)
Lisa Martin, Canada

BIO103 a drug candidate for the treatment of muscle wasting disorders (8-09)
Maria Serova, France

17:00-18:30 – 2 parallel sessions

Session E
17:00-18:30 Clinical track: Biological versus numerical aging

Chairs: Jann Arends, Germany and Roger Fielding, USA

DNA methylation and the biological clock
Simone Ecker, UK

Frailty scoring: biological aging phenotypes in the critically ill survivors
Zudin Puthucheary, UK

Relationship between aging and physiological function
Stephen Harridge, UK

Nutritional status and satiety and the interaction with biological ageing
Alessandro Laviano, Italy

Panel discussion

Session F
17:00-18:30 Basic Track: Tumor-secreted factors, cytokines and concepts of cachexia development

Chairs: Didier Attaix, France and Giovanni Mantovani, Italy

Metabolic regulators of cachexia in cancer
Pankaj Singh, USA

New insights on cancer cachexia
Denis Guttridge, USA

The muscle gp130 receptor’s role for cancer-induced anabolic resistance: therapeutic implications for improving cancer survival
James Carson, USA

Mechanisms of muscle atrophy and hypertrophy
David Glass, USA

MIC-1 / GDF-15
Samuel Breit, Australia

18:30-19:30 Welcome reception & poster viewing 

Saturday, 9 December 2017

7:45-8:45        Joint session of SCWD & ESPEN – defining malnutrition and cachexia

Chairs: Stefan Anker, Germany and Maurizio Muscaritoli, Italy

The GLIM nutrition concept
Tommy Cederholm, Sweden

Is cachexia truly malnutrition?
John Morley, USA

Panel discussion
Stefan Anker, Josep Argilés, Vickie Baracos, Tommy Cederholm, Andrew Coats, Bill Evans, John Morley, Maurizio Muscaritoli

 8:00-8:45 Special sessions: pre-registrations only

Statistical Seminar
Chairs: Jennifer Le-Rademacher, USA and  Jeffrey Crawford, USA

Ken Fearon Career Café – Meet the Mentors
Coordinated by Mitja Lainscak, Slovenia

9:00-10:30 – 3 parallel sessions

Session G
9:00-10:30   Recent developments and updates on CT imaging for body composition analysis
Chairs: Andrew Coats, UK and Joanne Elena, USA

Methodological standards of CT imaging and its use as endpoint in clinical trials
Vickie Baracos, Canada

Clinical practice of anti-cancer treatment dose adaption by muscle mass data
Florian Strasser, Switzerland

CT-based muscle radiodensity as prognostic marker
Sami Antoun, France

CT-based assessment of muscle mass in clinical trials: the reality check
Jeffrey Crawford, USA

Advances in automatic CT image segmentation – application for body composition analysis
Karteek Popuri, Canada

CT imaging in phase 2/3 trials – what the regulators expect to see?
EMA representative

Session H
9:00-10:30  Muscle mass regulation and muscle mass assessment

Chairs: Stephan von Haehling, Germany and William Evans, USA

Ubiquitination and deubiquitination – update 2017
Didier Attaix, France

MrOs: longitudinal observational trial in older men – body composition and outcomes
Peggy Cawthon, USA

The D3-creatine dilution method: methodology & new data
Eric Orwoll, USA

The need for accurate assessment of body composition in infants and children
Daniel Marks, USA

SPRINT-T – update 2017
Roberto Bernabei, Italy

Session I
9:00-10:30      Young investigators awards session – clinical & basic

Chairs: Luigi Ferrucci, USA and Rocco Barazzoni, Italy

Samuel Breit, Australia
Wolfram Doehner, Germany
David Glass, USA
Robert Mak, USA
Giovanni Mantovani, Italy
Teresa Zimmers, USA


Low muscle radiodensity is associated with pre-existing comorbidities in early stage colorectal cancer patients (2-28)
Xiao Jingjie, Canada

Identification of immune cells in the muscle of cancer patients (2-40)
Ana Anoveros-Barrera, Canada

Muscle-derived exosome/miRNA-26a attenuates muscle wasting and cardiomyopathy in chronic kidney disease mice (3-18)
Bin Wang, USA


Comparison of sarcopenia and cachexia in men with chronic heart failure: results from the Studies Investigating Co-morbidities Aggravating Heart Failure (SICA-HF) (1-07)
Amir Emami, Germany

Impact of sarcopenia on dose limiting toxicities (DLT) in metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) patients receiving palliative systemic treatment (2-42)
Sophie Kurk, The Netherlands

Skeletal muscle capillary density predicts insulin sensitivity and muscle morphological adaptation in older adults (3-01)
Tatiana Moro, USA

10:30-11:30    Coffee break & science
10:35-11:25    Poster Viewing Session

Poster session 6    Diagnosis of sarcopenia III (posters 2-31 to 2-45)
                                 Chairs: Thiago Barbosa-Silva, Tobias Wollersheim

Poster session 7    Diagnosis of sarcopenia IV (posters 2-46 to 2-60)
                                 Chairs: Steven Harridge, Manuela Merli

Poster session 8    Muscle wasting & sarcopenia – mechanisms II (posters 3-16 to 3-30)
                                 Chairs: Lisa Freeman, Mark Griffiths

Poster session 9     Cachexia – mechanisms, basic (posters 4-01 to 4-12)
                                 Chairs: Alexander H. Ebhardt, Denis Guttridge

Poster session 10   Nutrition & appetite I (posters 7-01 to 7-12)
                                 Chairs: Serguei Fetissov, Mitja Lainscak

10:40-11:20    Rapid Fire Abstract Session 2

Chairs: Egidio Del Fabbro, USA and Paul Gregorevic, Australia

Serial changes in fat, muscle, and bone mass in patients with repeat hospitalization due to worsening heart failure (1-10)
Masaaki Konishi, Japan

Impact of low skeletal muscle mass and density on short and long-term outcome after resection of stage I-III colorectal cancer: results from a prospective multicenter observational cohort study (2-38)
Jeroen van Vugt, The Netherlands

The effect of n-3 fatty acid-derived amines and gut-derived bacterial compounds on excretion of tumour-derived inflammatory mediators (5-05)
Klaske van Norren, The Netherlands

Development of a metabolic biomarker panel for the early detection of cancer cachexia (5-10)
Thomas O’Connell, USA

Enhanced β-myosine heavy chain gene expression in rat heart during adjuvant arthritis – a model of cachectic rheumatoid arthritis (5-14)
Jana Jurcovicova, Slovakia

Staging of nutrition disorders in 531 non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients: benefit from skeletal muscle mass, anorexia and performance status assessments (6-03)
Sami Antoun, France

Using body composition from expedient image analysis to predict energy needs in cancer (6-08)
Sarah Purcell, Canada

Small-molecule inhibition of MuRF1 attenuates skeletal muscle atrophy and dysfunction in cardiac cachexia (8-01)
Volker Adams, Germany

11:30-13:00 – 3 parallel sessions

Session J
11:30-13:00    Muscle loss in liver diseases

Chairs: Srinivasan Dasarathy, USA and Pankaj Singh, USA

Epidemiology and clinical significance of sarcopenia in liver cirrhosis
Mathias Plauth, Germany

Significance of sarcopenia and sarcopenic obesity in fatty liver
Manuela Merli, Italy

Molecular mechanisms of sarcopenia in liver cirrhosis
Michela Giusto, Italy

Role of HiF in muscle wasting
Steven Olde Damink, The Netherlands

Treatment approaches for muscle wasting in liver cirrhosis
Srinivasan Dasarathy, USA

Session K
11:30-13:00    Cachexia: not just muscle

Chairs: James Carson, USA and Jochen Springer, Germany

The bone-muscle cross-talk
David Waning, USA

Adipogenic drive in cancer-induced muscle wasting
Paola Costelli, Italy

Energy metabolism, mitochondria and cachexia in COPD
Annemie Schols, The Netherlands

Metabolic regulation of fat in cancer cachexia
Stefan Herzig, Germany

Protecting fat to gain muscle – a possible new therapeutic concept
Jochen Springer, Germany

Session L
11:30-13:00    Nutritional approaches to combat sarcopenia & cachexia

Chairs: Nicolaas Deutz, USA and Alessandro Laviano, Italy

Malnutrition and cachexia in cancer patients at first medical oncology visit
Maurizio Muscaritoli, Italy

Micronutrients in sarcopenia and age-related physical decline
Jerome Feige, Switzerland

Interaction exercise and nutrition in sarcopenia
Roger Fielding, USA

The efficacy of a novel oral nutrition supplement in tackling sarcopenia in the elderly
Pol Grootswagers, The Netherlands

Proteins to treat sarcopenia
Jürgen Bauer, Germany

Trial experience in wasting disorders using nutritional approaches
Jann Arends, Germany

13:15-14:15    Mitochondrial dysfunction as a contributor to frailty: role of mitochondrial dysfunction in rare diseases and aging
                       Lunch symposium supported by Stealth BioTherapeutics

Chair: Stefan Anker, Germany

Role of mitochondrial function in chronic disease
Andrew Coats, UK

Effects of elamipretide in adults with primary mitochondrial myopathy: MMPOWER-2
Michelangelo Mancuso, Italy

Targeting mitochondrial function in aging: Focus on vision & dry AMD
Scott Cousins, USA

14:30-16:00 – 3 parallel sessions

Session M
14:30-16:00    Models of cachexia

Chairs: Stefan Herzig, Germany and Jochen Springer, Germany

Human xenografts as a suitable model for studying cancer cachexia
Andrew Judge, USA

Modeling cachexia: the impact of anti-neoplastic therapy
Andrea Bonetto, USA

Experimental models for aging and sarcopenia
Sue-Joan Chang, Taiwan

New experimental model of cancer cachexia & kidney disease
Daniel Marks, USA

Large animal models of human cachexia: update 2017
Lisa Freeman, USA

Session N
14:30-16:00    Cachexia at its worst

Chairs: Vickie Baracos, Canada and Stephan von Haehling, Germany

Diagnostic criteria for the classification of cancer-associated weight loss
Egidio Del Fabbro, USA

Wasting of muscle involved in swallowing and mastication
Florian Strasser, Switzerland

Diagnosis and management of oropharyngeal dysphagia
Anne Letsch, Germany

Treating shortness of breath in advanced cancer cachexia – the muscle hypothesis
Andrew Coats, UK

Palliative care and anabolic therapies
Aminah Jatoi, USA

Session O
14:30-16:00    Targeting skeletal muscle – from research to clinical development

Chairs: Ashok Kumar, USA and Antonio Zorzano, Spain

Biopsies of skeletal muscle – a source of new understanding
Volker Adams, Germany

Muscle satellite cells
Camila Almeida, Brazil

Diabetes and muscle
Leocadio Rodríguez Mañas, Spain

Gene therapy approaches to treat cancer cachexia
Paul Gregorevic, Australia

Cachexia & sarcopenia – how to develop and get approved drugs there
Giuseppe Rosano, UK

16:00-17:00    Coffee break & science
16:05-16:55    Poster Viewing Session

Poster session 11   Diagnosis of sarcopenia V (posters 2-61 to 2-73)
                                 Chairs: Sami Antoun, Srinivasan Dasarathy

Poster session 12   Muscle wasting & sarcopenia – mechanisms III (posters 3-31 to 3-47)
                                 Chairs: Bette Caan, Denis Guttridge

Poster session 13  Cachexia – mechanisms, animal models (posters 5-01 to 5-15)
                                 Chairs: Andrea Bonetto, Ashok Kumar

Poster session 14  Therapeutic development I (posters 8-01 to 8-14)
                                 Chairs: Jennifer Le-Rademacher, David Waning

Poster session 15  Physical activity & training I (posters 10-01 to 10-10)
                                 Chairs: Dario Coletti, Thomas Maden-Wilkinson

16:10-16:50    Rapid Fire Abstract Session 3

Chairs: Josep Argiles, Spain and Aminah Jatoi, USA

Prevalence of cachexia among COPD cases in the ECLIPSE study (1-04)
Merry-Lynn McDonald, USA

SARA-data: integrated, real-time ICT platform for the SARA interventional clinical trial in agerelated SARcopenia (1-05)
Susanna Del Signore, France

Phase angle as a predictor of strength independent of lean mass (2-07)
Steven Heymsfield, USA

Associations between lean mass, strength and mortality in the elderly: the EXERNET study (2-15)
Lucía Sagarra-Romera, Spain

3 days of human skeletal muscle disuse promote fatty infiltrations development (3-02)
Guillaume Py, France

mtDNA content and mtDNA deletion mutation abundance in skeletal muscle of sedentary highand low-functioning elderly individuals (3-05)
Anna Picca, Italy

Patients with established cancer cachexia lack the motivation and self-efficacy to undertake regular structured exercise (10-06)
David Wasley, UK

There are no no-responders to low or high resistance training volumes among older women (10-15)
Paulo Gentil, Brazil

17:00-18:30 – 3 parallel sessions

Session P
17:00-18:30    Rehabilitation in advanced eldery cancer patients with cachexia

Chairs: Paolo Bossi, Italy and Florian Strasser, Switzerland

Muscle of the elderly and physical activity: balancing over- and under-treatment
Francesco Landi, Italy

Exercise training as an effective tool to improve cancer-induced muscle wasting
Fabio Penna, Italy

What can cancer cachexia rehabilitation trials learn from critical care rehabilitation?
Linda Denehy, Australia

Rehabilitative-geriatric interventions in elderly advanced cancer patients: who will respond?
Pierre Soubeyran, France

Perspectives of health care professionals on cancer cachexia: results from three global surveys
Alessio Molfino, Italy

Session Q
17:00-18:30    Potential treatments for muscle wasting and cachexia

Chairs: Volker Adams, Germany, and Marco Sandri, Italy

MEK inhibitors as potential tools to improve cancer-induced muscle wasting
Erin Talbert, USA

MAGIC-F1 modulations to improve myogenesis
Maurilio Sampaolesi, Italy

New drug targets from a neglected hormone? Unacylated Ghrelin and the regulation of muscle mass and muscle repair
Andrea Graziani, Italy

Drugs modifying catabolic/anabolic balance: ACE inhibitors + beta-blockers
Mitja Lainscak, Slovenia

What else is new?
William Evans, USA

Session R
17:00-18:30    Muscle wasting and cachexia in chronic illnesses – update 2017

Chairs: Annemie Schols, The Netherlands and Giacomo Garibotto, Italy

Stefan Andreas, Germany

Chronic heart failure
Stephan von Haehling, Germany

Chronic kidney disease failure
Robert Mak, USA

Wolfram Doehner, Germany

Jeffrey Crawford, USA

Sunday, 10 December 2017

6:00-7:00        JCSM Board

7:15-8:15        Session of the Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle (JCSM)/SPRINTT

Chairs: Stefan Anker, Germany and Roberto Bernabei, Italy

The home of sarcopenia papers: the JCSM family of journals
Stephan von Haehling, Germany

SPRINTT trial updates
Riccardo Calvani, Italy

Biomarkers for sarcopenia in clinical trials
Anna Picca, Italy and Nicole Ebner, Germany 

General discussion: endpoints for sarcopenia trials
Discussants: Jürgen Bauer, William Evans, Emanuele Marzetti, John Morley, Giuseppe Rosano and speakers

8:30-9:45 – 2 parallel sessions

Session S
8:30-9:45      Imaging methods for assessing muscle mass

Chairs: Vickie Baracos, Canada and Steven Heymsfield, USA

Body impedance
M. Cristina Gonzalez, Brazil

Cross-sectional: CT or MRI
Vickie Baracos, Canada

Quadriceps contractile volume by MRI
Thomas Maden-Wilkinson, UK 

Ultra-sound methods
Thiago Gonzalez Barbosa-Silva, Brazil

Panel discussion

Session T
8:30-9:45      Frailty & sarcopenia – update 2017

Chairs: Jürgen Bauer, Germany and John Morley, USA

The physical frailty phenotype
John Morley, USA

Treatment trials for frailty
Eva Topinková, Czech Republic

Validating SARC-F
Jean Woo, Hong Kong/China

The role of T2DM in the development of sarcopenia and frailty
Theodore Malmstrom, USA

Treating sarcopenia
Tommy Cederholm, Sweden

9:45-10:45    Coffee break & science
9:50-10:40    Poster Viewing Session 

Poster session 16   Cancer cachexia II (posters 6-11 to 6-19)
                                 Chairs: Andrew Judge, Paola Costelli

Poster session 17  Nutrition & appetite II (posters 7-13 to 7-24)
                                 Chairs: Alessandro Laviano, Jerome Feige

Poster session 18  Therapeutic development II (posters 8-15 to 8-22 and 9-01 to 9-06)
                                 Chairs: James Carson, Cristina Gonzalez

Poster session 19  Physical activity & training II (posters 10-11 to 10-18)
                                 Chairs: Paul Greenhaff, Thomas Maden-Wilkinson

10:45-12:10 – 2 parallel sessions

Session U
10:45-12:10    Clinical trials in progress

Chairs: Aminah Jatoi, USA and Andrew Coats, UK

Re-testing fish oil for cachexia
Maria Öhlander, Sweden

Pluripotent cells to treat muscle wasting after orthopedic surgery
Tobias Winkler, Germany

Peptamen for weight loss
Andrew Hendifar, USA

Rare disease drug development considerations
Anthony Aiudi, USA

Session V
10:45-12:10    Intensive care unit myopathy and beyond: molecular signals and clinical observations

Chairs: William Evans, USA and Samuel Breit, Australia

Introduction and historical data: nutritional intervention strategies
Nicolaas Deutz, USA

Inflammation as a trigger for rapid loss of muscle: pre-clinical and clinical data
Paul Greenhaff, UK

Molecular signals in skeletal muscle from ICU patients: the role of GDF-15
Mark Griffiths, UK

GFRAL, the receptor for GDF15
Shamina Rangwala, USA

Clinical experience: treating muscle wasting in the ICU
Tobias Wollersheim, Germany

12:10-13:20    Lunch break

12:15-13:15    Nutrition status in oncology: future perspectives
                       Lunch symposium supported by Fresenius Kabi

Chair: Stefan Anker, Germany

Nutrition in oncology: from ESPEN Guidelines to daily clinical practice
Jann Arends, Germany

Nutritional challenges and perspectives in geriatric oncology
Matti Aapro, Switzerland

Assessing the nutritional status as part of good clinical practice in oncology
Maurizio Muscaritoli, Italy

13:20-14:45 – 2 parallel sessions

 Session W
13:20-14:45    Late breaking clinical trials & trial updates

Chairs: Stefan Anker, Germany and Andrew Coats, UK

Special lecture: association between cachexia, chemotherapy and outcomes in older cancer patients
Florian Strasser, Switzerland

Targeted medical nutrition for cachexia in NSCLC: a randomized, controlled trial
Maurizio Muscaritoli, Italy

Effects of elamipretide in adults with primary mitochondrial myopathy: MMPOWER-2
Michelangelo Mancuso, Italy

Investigating the safety and impact on muscle mitochondria of orally administered Urolithin A: a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled phase 1 clinical trial in elderly
Anurag Singh, Switzerland

Tumor-released heat shock protein 70 and 90 are key cachexins
Yi-Ping Li, USA

Session X
13:20-14:45    Anorexia of disease, fasting metabolism and clinical outcome

Chairs: Filippo Rossi-Fanelli, Italy and Florian Strasser, Switzerland

Targeting the adipose tissue in cancer cachexia
Josep Argiles, Spain

Lessons from fasting metabolism: is there any benefit of anorexia during disease?
Alessandro Laviano, Italy

Gut-brain axis: role of microbiota in anorexia of disease
Serguei Fetissov, France

Filling the caloric gap during disease: does it ameliorate clinical outcomes?
Alessandro Laviano, Italy

Gastrointestinal hormones: a suitable target to treat anorexia of disease ?
Jessie Elliott, Ireland

Session Y
14:45-15:45 Highlights of the congress

Présidents:  Stefan Anker, Germany, Maurizio Muscaritoli, Italy &t Annemie Schols, The Netherlands

Basic science & pathophysiology  
Annemie Schols, The Netherlands

Body composition  
Steven Heymsfield, USA

Stephan von Haehling, Germany

Nutrition treatment  
Roger Fielding, USA

Cachexia of chronic illness and its therapy  
Andrew Coats, UK

Awards Ceremony
Best Poster Award 
Young Investigators Award 
Trainee Poster Award