11th International Conference on Cachexia, Sarcopenia & Muscle Wasting

Friday, 7 December 2018


10:00-11:30     A. Clinical and societal impact of cachexia & sarcopenia

Recent facts & figures
Stephan von Haehling (Germany)

Clinicians quest: geriatrician
Francesco Landi (Italy)

Clinicians quest: medical oncologist
Florian Strasser (Switzerland)

Clinicians quest: surgeon
Steven Olde Damink (The Netherlands)

Patients quest

11:30-12:00     Appetizer: Highlights of afternoon workshops

                         Workshop chairs

12:00-13:00     Lunch

13:00-17:00     B. Workshops: Innovation & implementation

Workshop 1: Novel methodologies in basic cachexia research
Biomaterial production platforms
Lab on a chip
Radio-nucleotide lab
Human xenografts
Organoid culture facility

Workshop 2: Innovative approaches in human metabolic research
Whole body & tissue metabolism: respiration chambers, MS imaging, PET-MRI, Flusomics
Imaging: Brain fMRI, Radiomics

Workshop 3: Metabolic risk & outcome assessment
Body composition
Physical performance & mobility
Physical activity
Cognitive performance
Patient reported outcomes (+ hands on training)

Workshop 4: Rehabilitation and advanced care planning
Visit the CIRO Centre of Expertise Chronic Organ Diseases
Tailored intervention modules: different exercise training modalities, NMES


18:00-20:00    Welcome reception


Saturday, 8 December 2018


7:15-8:15     Ken Fearon Career Café – Meet the Mentor (Statistical seminar)
Coordinated by Mitja Lainscak (Slovenia)


8:30-10:00     D. Multi-layered triggers of chronic disease associated wasting

Acute events upon chronic wasting in COPD

Clinical perspective

Basic research insights
Ramon Langen (The Netherlands)

Striated muscle pathology in cardiac cachexia

Clinical perspective
Mitja Lainscak (Slovenia)

Basic research insights
Jochen Springer (Germany)

Chronic kidney disease + accelerated aging

Clinical perspective
Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh (USA)

Basic research insights
Xiaonan H. Wang (USA)

10:00-11:00     Break & Poster session

11:00-12:30     F. Clinical track: Emerging fields in critical illness wasting

Muscle metabolism and physiology in chronic critical illness
Zudin Puthucheary (UK)

Linking critical illness, chronic inflammation, and long-term muscle dysfunction
David Griffith (UK)

Persistent inflammation immunosuppression catabolic syndrome
Scott Brakenridge (USA)

Circadian rhythm in skeletal muscle homeostasis
Karyn Esser (USA)

Novel approaches to skeletal muscle loss in alcohol use and alcoholic liver disease
Srinivasan Dasarathy (USA)


12:30-13:30     Lunch break & Seminar


13:30-15:00     G. Basic track

Inflammation and control of muscle mass
James Carson (USA)

Muscle-derived growth factors and muscle atrophy
Vanina Romancello (Italy)

Tumor-derived Hsp-70/90 in cancer cachexia
Yi-Ping Li (USA)

Transfer of enzymatic activity of tumor-borne extracellular vesicles
Mauricio Berriel Diaz (Germany)

Tumor gp130 ligands expression and release in cancer cachexia
Teresa Zimmers (USA)

13:30-15:00     H. Clinical track: Challenges of cancer induced wasting in the older patient

Update on treatment options for cancer cachexia
Maurizio Muscaritoli (Italy)

When cancer cachexia occurs with sarcopenia
Aminah Jatoi (USA)

Proteomics and sarcopenia/frailty
Luigi Ferrucci (USA)

Controversies of comprehensive geriatric assessment in weight losing cancer patients
Paula Ravasco (Portugal)

Complex decision making in the older, weight-losing cancer patient
Alessandro Laviano (Italy)

15:00-16:00     Break & Poster session

16:00-17:30     I. Basic track: Experimental models

In vitro muscle culture: Muscling in on the third dimension

Mouse avatars in cancer cachexia
Andrew Judge (USA)

Natural (large animal) models of sarcopenia and cachexia
Lisa Freeman (USA)

16:00-17:30     J. Clinical track: Management guidelines for sarcopenia

Rapid screening for sarcopenia
John Morley (USA)

How to pragmatically and meaningfully screen on sarcopenia and physical frailty in community dwelling older people?
Jos Schols (The Netherlands)

Targeting muscle quality
Bertrand Fougere (France)

Guidelines for management of sarcopenia
Jürgen Bauer (Germany)

17:30-18:30     K. Novel nutritional and pharmacological targets in cachexia and sarcopenia

                          Chair: TBD

Epigenetic targeting of bromodomain protein BRD4
Giuseppina Caretti (Italy)

GDF11/15 in skeletal muscle wasting
David Glass (USA)

Multiorgan nutritional targets
Josep Argiles (Spain)

17:30-18:30     L. Rapid fire abstract session

Sunday, 9 December 2018


8:30-10:00     M. Multilayered triggers of cancer cachexia
Chair: TBD

Tumor-induced local tissue dysfunction contributing to cachexia

Dysphagia in sarcopenia and head and neck cancer
Hidetaka Wakabayashi (Japan)

Cancer associated fibroblasts in pancreatic cancer

Tumor-host interactions in cachexia

Inflammation-adipocyte crosstalk in muscle wasting

Tumor-induced immune- and metabolic reprogramming
Thomas Flint (UK)

Tumor treatment-induced muscle wasting

Influence of the gut microbiota on anticancer immunosurveillance
Areille Elkrief (France)

Mechanisms of chemotherapy-induced muscle wasting
Riikka Kivelä (Finland)

10:00-11:00     Break & Poster session

11:00-12.30     N. Basic track: Intracellular mechanisms of muscle wasting

Altered muscle proteostasis in muscle wasting
Marco Sandri (Italy)

Role of microRNAs in muscle wasting
Paola Costelli (Italy)

Muscle progenitor cell function and muscle wasting
Denis Guttridge (USA)

Inflammatory and glucocorticoid signaling in muscle atrophy
Rowan Hardy (UK)

11:00-12:30     O. Translational track: Anabolic resistance in sarcopenia and cachexia: Myth or opportunity?

Sarcopenic obesity
Yves Boirie (France)

Physical inactivity accelerates sarcopenia and leads to metabolic dysfunction
Luc van Loon (The Netherlands)

Exercise as therapeutic approach in cancer cachexia
Fabio Penna (Italy)

12:30-13:30     Lunch Break & Seminar

13:30-14:30     P. Omics approaches in cachexia & sarcopenia research

                          Chair: TBD

Extra-cellular vesicles in tissue crosstalk during exercise
Martin Whitham (Australia)

Multi-omics analysis of serum reveals tissue crosstalk in cancer
Christopher Gerner (Austria)

Metastatic cancers promote cachexia through ZIP14 upregulation in skeletal muscle
Swarnali Acharyya (USA)

Small RNAome profiling of skeletal muscle in cancer cachexia
Sambasivarao Damaraju (Canada)

13:30-14:30     Q. Novel intervention strategies and clinical study designs

Cancer cachexia development update
Stefan Anker (Germany)

Nutrition & pharma joining forces
Annemie Schols (The Netherlands)

P4 medicine in cachexia & sarcopenia
John Morley (USA)

The regulator’s update: EMA, cachexia and sarcopenia
Giuseppe Rosano (UK)

14:30-16:00     R. Highlights session

Andrew Coats (Australia)

Steven Heymsfield (USA)

Bill Evans (USA)

Didier Attaix (France)

Best Poster Award 

Young Investigators Award 
Trainee Poster Award