Best practice in cachexia treatment

Prof Muscaritoli on the best approach to the treatment of cachexia

Prof. Maurizio Muscaritoli on the Premio study and the prevalence of cancer cachexia

Video transcript

Published on Oct 24, 2016
What is the best practice approach in treating patients with cachexia? Prof. Maurizio Muscaritoli discusses a multi-modal approach.

Video transcript: The very best intervention is recognition. Recognition of weight loss. Early recognition of the presence of cachexia. Early intervention with nutritional support. Exercise. Specific nutrients which may play a role in the modulation of inflammation. Some drugs.

In a word – a multi-model approach to cancer cachexia, not only for the correction of cancer cachexia but also for the prevention of cancer cachexia.

We know that cachexia represents a spectrum of conditions ranging from normality to pre-cachexia to cachexia to refractoric cachexia which is the phase where nutritional metabolic interventions are most un-likely to be effective for these patients.

So we should focus on patients with pre-cachexia and cachexia where we may obtain the best results in terms of prevention and treatment – and this is extremely important related to the data of the Premio study.

We know that we should start early with recognition, prevention and treatment.



September 2016

Filmed during the 3rd
Cancer Cachexia Conference
Washington, DC
23-25 September 2016