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Become a member of the SCWD community and enjoy a range of exclusive benefits, including access to congress presentations, video replays, members directory, and valuable discounts on conference registration and article publication charges. Join our network of dedicated clinicians and researchers committed to advancing the understanding and treatment of sarcopenia, cachexia, and wasting disorders.

Become a member of scwd

Discover the Advantages of Joining the SCWD Community

Clinicians and researchers are encouraged to apply for SCWD membership. Benefits include:

  • ✅Subscription to the SCWD newsletter
  • ✅Access to the PDFs of congress presentations
  • ✅Access to video replay
  • ✅Access to the members directory
  • ✅25% discount on the annual cachexia conference registration cost
  • ✅10% discount on the Article Publication Charge (APC) for articles published in the Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle (

The annual membership runs for 12 months from the month you join.

Associate Member

Nurses, technicians & doctors <35 years of age & Abstract Presenter

75/per year
All the features mentioned above

Full Member

MD / PhD / Senior Professionals

150/per year
All the features mentioned above

Fellow of the SCWD

MD / PhD / Senior Professionals

280/per year
All the features mentioned above

Corporate Member

Adherent Corporate Member

490/per year
All the features mentioned above

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