NATA Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is composed of one chairperson and no less than 20 members. Experts are selected to represent the diversity of specialties involved in transfusion medicine, patient blood management, haemostasis and thrombosis.

The Scientific Committee is renewed every three years. Members can be appointed for several terms of office.

The Scientific Committee

  • Determines the Scientific Programme for the Annual Symposium
  • Assesses abstracts submitted for presentation at the Annual Symposium and proposes the Best Abstracts
  • Coordinates and administers the NATA Best Abstract Prize

Members of the NATA
Scientific Committee

  • Jens Meier (Chair)

    Linz, Austria

  • Marco Pavesi

    Milan, Italy

  • Hanne Berg Ravn

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Toby Richards

    Perth, WA, Australia

  • Maria Beatrice Rondinelli

    Rome, Italy

  • Charles Marc Samama

    Paris, France

  • Ignacio Sarmiento Goldberg

    Providencia, Chile

  • Jakob Stensballe

    Providencia, Chile

  • Alexander Vlaar

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Christian von Heymann

    Berlin, Germany

  • Jonathan H. Waters

    Pittsburgh, PA, USA

  • David Faraoni

    Houston, TX, USA

  • Jean-François Hardy

    Montreal, QC, Canada

  • Beverley J. Hunt

    London, UK

  • Giovanni Inghilleri

    Milan, Italy

  • Sigismond Lasocki

    Angers, France

  • Marcel Levi

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Jerrold H. Levy

    Durham, NC, USA

  • Manuel Muñoz

    Málaga, Spain

  • Helen V. New

    London, UK

  • Michael Auerbach

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Jeffrey L. Carson

    New Brunswick, NJ, USA

  • Thomas Frietsch

    Mannheim, Germany

  • David Faraoni

    Houston, TX, USA

  • Bernd Froessler

    Adelaide, SA, Australia

  • José A. García-Erce

    Pamplona, Spain

  • Lawrence Tim Goodnough

    Stanford, CA, USA

  • Oliver Grottke

    Aachen, Germany

  • Thorsten Haas

    Zurich, Switzerland

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