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Muscle depleted obesity and colorectal cancer: a review


Article: Muscle depleted obesity in individuals screened for colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the world. However, incidence rates and mortality can both be significantly reduced through adhering to healthy lifestyle recommendations. In this study, 82 people were included, where their nutritional profile was evaluated to assess their risk of colorectal cancer. This is because obesity is one of the biggest risk factors for colorectal cancer, and when associated with sarcopenia, there are usually worse health outcomes. This study has therefore highlighted the need for understanding muscle composition in obese individuals when screening for cancer, as this may affect outcomes. Furthermore, this study underscores the necessity to aim for health lifestyles through weight control and physical exercise, to decrease incidence and mortality of diseases such as colorectal cancer.

This review by Santos M et al. aimed to evaluate nutritional profiles for those screening for colorectal cancer, to aid a better understanding of the risk factors behind this cancer.

Key learnings

Screening for colorectal cancer, as well as looking at nutritional profiles of those at risk beyond their body mass index (BMI) and assessing muscle mass and sarcopenia, may improve prevention of this cancer. Understanding these sarcopenia-related risk factors will allow clinicians to develop more effective management plans and aim them towards the populations most at risk. For example, sarcopenic obesity tends to affect older people, due to their reduction of muscle and increase of fat mass in the ageing process. Therefore, this study may be useful in finding prevention and intervention methods for this at-risk population in facing colorectal cancer.

Reviewed by: Z. Beketova

Authors: Santos M, Alves M, Lins Neto M, et al.

Published in: Arq Gastroenterol 2022

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