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Streptococcal quorum sensing peptide CSP-7 contributes to muscle inflammation and wasting.

Muscle wasting diseases, such as cancer cachexia and age-associated sarcopenia, have a profound and detrimental impact on functional independence, quality of life, and survival. Our understanding of the underlying mechanisms is currently limited, which has significantly hindered the development of targeted therapies.

In this study, we explored the possibility that the streptococcal quorum sensing peptide Competence Stimulating Peptide 7 (CSP-7) might be a previously unidentified contributor to clinical muscle wasting. We found that CSP-7 selectively triggers muscle cell inflammation in vitro, specifically the release of IL-6.

Furthermore, we demonstrated that CSP-7 can traverse the gastrointestinal barrier in vitro and is present in the systemic circulation in humans in vivo. Importantly, CSP-7 was associated with a muscle wasting phenotype in mice in vivo.

Overall, our findings provide new mechanistic insights into the pathophysiology of muscle inflammation and wasting.

Anton De Spiegeleer

Biochemistry - Pharmacy

Ghent University Hospital



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