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Cancer cachexia: biomarkers and the influence of age.

Cancer cachexia (Ccx) is a complex metabolic condition characterized by pronounced muscle and fat wasting, systemic inflammation, weakness and fatigue. Up to 30% of cancer patients succumb directly to Ccx, yet therapies that effectively address this perturbed metabolic state are rare.

In recent decades, several characteristics of Ccx have been established in mice and humans, of which we here highlight adipose tissue dysfunction, muscle wasting and systemic inflammation, as they are directly linked to biomarker discovery. To counteract cachexia pathogenesis as early as possible and mitigate its detrimental impact on anti-cancer treatments, identification and validation of clinically endorsed biomarkers assume paramount importance.

Ageing was recently shown to affect both the validity of Ccx biomarkers and Ccx development, but the underlying mechanisms are still unknown. Thus, unravelling the intricate interplay between ageing and Ccx can help to counteract Ccx pathogenesis and tailor diagnostic and treatment strategies to individual needs.

Maria Rohm

Endocrinology - Oncology

University Hospital Heidelberg



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